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The Legend of Zelda - Trial of Courage Game

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  • Console: NES
  • Original Game: The Legend of Zelda
  • Type: Complete
  • Genre: Action Adventure
  • Modifications: G,S,L,T,GP,Other
  • Creator: The3Dude
  • Date Created: 06/06/2019
  • Last Modified: 06/06/2019

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  • Downloads: 7
  • Requirements: No Special Requirements
  • Version: 1.6
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About The Legend of Zelda - Trial of Courage

Don’t think this is gonna be a 100% Gold Remake, it’ll have its differences. Extra battles (some’ll be optionals, tough but rewarding), Hoenn Pokemon (in every area, and hard to find) New areas, Remapped some dungeons (so your old guides wont work) , Extra recurring characters (some’ll hate you, some’ll help you)

Note that the hack is incomplete but feel free to enjoy the hack as-is.

The Legend of Zelda - Trial of CourageRead Me

____________________ ___ _ _ _ _ __ | ____________ / | |_| |_ | |_ | _ |_ |\| |\ /\ |_ | / / / | | | |_ |_ |_ |_| |_ | | |/ \/ | |/ / / /__________ ______ _______ ____ TM / // / \ ___ |\ / \ `. \ \ / // / | | \ | | | | |`. \ / \ / // / | | \| | | | | \ \ / /\ \ / / / | | | | | | \ | / / \ \ / /| / | |__/| | | | | | || | | | / // / | __ | | | | | | || |____| | / |/ / | | \| | | | | | || ____ | / / | | | | | | / || | | | / / / | | /| | | /| | | / / | | | | / // / | |___/ | | |___/ | | |,' / | | | | / // / /_________|/_________|/______,' /____\ /____\ / // / /| ___ _ _ _ _ _ ___ __ _ _ _ _ __ / / /___________/ | | |_)| /_\ | / \ |_ / / \ | | |_) /_\ / _ |_ /___________________| | | || | | |__ \_/ | \__ \_/ \_/ | | | | \_/ |__ -2019 The3Dude- ============================================================================================================================== ~Table of Contents~ 1. Introduction & Changelog 2. Prologue 3. Patching 4. Heroic Equipment & Item Location Hints 5. Damage info 6. New features & Techniques 7. Dungeon Location Tips & Names (Quest 1 & 2) 8. Heart Container Locations (Quest 1 & 2) 9. Credits & Acknowledgements 10. Legal Info =========================================================================================================================== (1) | _____| Thank you for downloading! This ROM Hack of The Legend of Zelda? which was originally made by Nintendo, has had many months of hacking, editing, and revising put into it. As a result, many things will be different from the base game. Here's a list of things that you should expect to see in this hack. -New Story -Fresh Change of Pace -Completely changed Graphics -Much more color variety and overall beauty -Brand New Overworld and puzzles -18 brand new dungeons and secrets -New Minimap feature (Special Thanks to Snarfblam) -New way to Save the game (Special Thanks to Psyklax for the button info in the code) -New Music! (To an extent) If you have any questions on how to progress in the game, PM me (The3Dude) Again, thank you for downloading The Legend of Zelda? Trial of Courage IPS file for your device. Please read this file thoroughly to ensure proper handling of your new IPS file. Then save this txt file for future reference. Also, Congratulations! - Because you chose to read this, you may be at an advantage to players who skipped reading it. This file contains info about new features and important info about item damage. ~CHANGELOG~ V1.0 - Initial release (Hopefully the final release) EDIT: Nope! I was wrong, this release is now the HARDCORE release. V1.1 - Fixed all problems/complaints from the last version. SEE BELOW Added a Normal mode! In this mode start with sword, and a few rupee stealing trolls have been changed to rewards. Brightened up rooms in dungeons, so now you don't have to feel around in the dark too much. Pretty much, it is more friendly to the player. NOTES: If you are looking for a challenge that is about the difficulty of Outlands and Zelda - Link's Shadow (My last hack), then I highly recommend playing the HARDCORE version. If you are looking for something about the same difficulty as the original Zelda 1, then I highly, HIGHLY, recommend patching the Normal version. V1.2- IGNORE EVERYTHING FROM THE 1.1 CHANGLOG, I HAVE IMPROVED FURTHER UPON IT! The BEST update yet! There are now FOUR patches of difficulty! I have numbered the IPS files in order from easiest to hardest, from lowest number to highest number. Read the "Picking the right ips!.txt" file for more info. V1.3 - More Improvements! Added a missing map to the Lv9's of Quest 1 to all version modes. (Thanks to erpster2 for the heads up!) In Master mode the death theme is different now. ;) Touched up this manual, it now gives better hints! Edited Master mode a little more to make it slightly harder. Edited Newbie mode to make it slightly easier. V1.4 - Added a compass to Lv5 in all Quest 2s from all versions. Made compass reachable in Lv7 of all versions Quest 2. (Thanks to erpster2!) Increased the overworld's breathing room in the casual and newbie patches, it is now easier to explore. (Thanks to ifightdragons' updated review.) V1.5 Massive overworld improvements! In Newbie, Casual, and Veteran mode overworld has been made smoother. Added a missing key to the Lv2s of Quest 1 on all versions. V1.6 Many fixes and touchups! More enemy variety in areas. Changed Pols voice's colors to red palette. Fixed text glitches. Fixed a wrong tile combo placement in the NE part of the world. Fixed all Q2 Dungeon bugs that "erpster2" brought to my attention. Thanks again! Fixed Link's hair shrinking when he walks. Colored in the bubble enemies nose so it's not transparent. Got rid of pushable blocks that don't trigger anything. =========================================================================================================================== (2) | _____| ~Prologue~ The night before Link's 12th Birthday, Link was in his house with his uncle Poofah... All was peaceful except for the loud thunder and rain heard outside. Eventually growing annoyed by the thunderous booms, Link climbed into his bed and fell into a deep slumber. After a while, he began to dream. In his dream, it was as if he was floating in the sky, but he couldn't move. All he saw were clouds... Clouds stretching out for an eternity. In the midst of all these clouds, he began to see an exceedingly bright golden light. It appeared to be the symbol he saw on nearly almost every object or piece of royal equipment. The three triangles... Link had heard rumors that the three triangles symbolized some forbidden force of power that could grant any wish as long as you lay hands on it. Link began to have strength enough to move his arm. He then began to stretch his hand out towards the Triforce. As soon as he was about to touch it, the light of it consumed all sight and he was awoken by the unfamiliar voice of a girl. Link looked around to see where the voice was coming from, but all he saw was an unfamiliar beach and the loud waves. Link then began to be confused about how he arrived at the strange beach, his uncle was nowhere to be found. He then heard the unfamiliar voice again. The voice said, "The Triforce of Courage has chosen you. It senses an imminent evil lusting after it's power. Therefore you must be tested for worthiness. If an evil hearted person touches the Triforce it becomes split between three chosen ones. You are too young, so it is mandatory that you be given a trial... In this trial, you must fill the Vessel of Light twice using the Tears of Light to be able to enter two Master Temples. Once you finish both temples you'll be deemed worthy to hold the Triforce of Courage once it is split. As of now, if you finish the trial you won't obtain the Triforce of Courage until it is split by someone... Check what you're carrying, I have given you a piece of paper so you can draw a map of this land on it. I've also entrusted you with a Deku shield and the Vessel of Light. Do not break the vessel! It is made of a rare red colored sand so the glass has a red tint. You know your mission, now go! Prove yourself worthy to hold the Triforce of Courage! Oh, Wait! I'll also tell you this before you go. The Tears of Light are located deep in hidden temples. Check everywhere for them, fill your map. If you become weary during your journey, go north along the beach and you'll meet a fairy, and unless you are a "master", she'll heal you. Those are my final words to you for now. Go now chosen one. Don't disappoint me, I'll show myself to you if I see you in one of the temples." Link felt as if this was all so sudden, after all, it was just in time for his 12th birthday! RUN THE CHICKENS ARE COMING, wait I mean Cuccos!!!!!!! <-- Only applies in Master Mode It is now your time to shine (Player), Enjoy this new adventure! =========================================================================================================================== (3) | _____| ~Patching the IPS file~ After downloading the zip from, extract the files with a File manager (Windows PC) File manager (Mac OS)??????????? (Android) ES file manager/explorer Included in the Zip is- 1. TLoZ-TrialofCourage (Insert_patchname_here).ips 2. TLoZ-TrialofCourage(Manual).txt --> (What you're reading) 3. Picking the right ips!.txt To Patch use- 1. Lunar Ips (Windows PC) 2. ?The Rom Patcher? from Google Play Store (Android) 3. (Mac OS) Patch the ips file to- Legend of Zelda, The (U) (PRG 0).nes The "Legend of Zelda, The (U) (PRG 1).nes" ROM will cause bugs and glitches! An easy way to test if you have the correct ROM file is to check if a (TM) symbol is on the title screen. If the (TM) symbol is there, then you have the wrong ROM file. Use a ROM without the (TM) symbol. =========================================================================================================================== (4) | _____| ~Heroic Equipment & Item Location Hints~ Heart----- Recovers 1 empty Heart Container. Heart Container----- Adds to how much life you can hold. (Refer to Heart Container location Hints in a later section) Fairy----- If collected recovers 3 empty Heart Containers, & if visited recovers all empty Heart Containers. Clock----- Stops time & makes you invincible to most things. Rupee----- 1 piece of in-game currency. You can hold up to 255 of these jewels. 5 Rupees----- 5 pieces of in-game currency. Blue Potion----- Completely recovers all empty Heart Containers. Can be stacked if bought twice. Red Potion----- Equivalent of having two Blue Potions. Scroll----- A note that you can show to a silent merchant that will allow you to upgrade a specific item. If you have a potion when this is obtained, you must drink all your potions to use it. (Quest 1 hint)--> Found in Purple. (Quest 2 hint)--> Found in Dark Blue. Bag----- Perfect for if you aren't feeling well, some enemies get confused & examine it. Found in dungeons & shops. Sword----- The weakest of the 3 swords, depending on which patch you used, you may get this after Lv2, or at the start of the game. Hidden Sword----- A seemingly unreachable shiny sword that can be spotted in the northwestern snowy area of the land. (Quest 1 & 2 Hint)--> People say if you venture off the map, you can appear on the other side. Final Sword----- The strongest sword that can be found. (Quest 1 & 2 hint) Only After defeating the darkness you'll find this powerful sword. Hero's Shield----- In the beginning you start out with a small Deku Shield that isn't fire resistant, this one is! Boomerang----- It is powerful in normal mode. Can kill nearly all enemies by repeatedly throwing it at them. You do more damage from close range, and when it is returning to you. Depending on which patch you used, you may get this after Lv2, or at the start of the game. Magical Boomerang----- An improved Boomerang that can fly across the screen at extreme speeds. Still does the same amount of damage as the regular. (Quest 1 & 2 hint) Found in Map-5 or Map-7. Bomb----- A necessary tool & weapon. In the beginning, you can hold only 8, but in both quests you can buy bigger bomb bags allowing you to hold up to 20 Bombs! Bomb Bag Locations (Quest 1)--> Hidden in Map-2 Map-5 and Map-7. (Quest 2)--> Hidden in Map-3 Map-4 and in Map-8. Bow----- Can shoot arrows and is necessary to complete the game. Arrow----- Same attack power as the standard sword, costs 1 rupee to fire from the bow. Ultima Arrow----- Improved version of the standard arrow, and has the same attack power of the Final Sword. Also necessary to complete the game. (NO HINTS!) Blue Lamp----- Can light up dark rooms, and can only be used once per area. (No hint required) Red Lamp----- Same as the Blue Lamp except it can be used as a reliable weapon due to its infinite amount of uses. Can be purchased in one specific shop. Blue Mail----- Armor that reduces damage given to 1/2. (Quest 1 Hint)--> Go through a waterfall (Quest 2 Hint)--> Walk on water using ocarina. Red Mail----- Armor that reduces damage given to 1/4. (Quest 1 & 2 hint) It may be in Gray or Red. Goron Bracelet----- Allows you to push rocks in the overworld. (Quest 1 hint)--> Goriya in the first? (Quest 2 hint)--> Snowy dungeon. Ocarina----- Playing Saria's song allows you warp to various areas, and after clearing a dungeon a new warp will be unlocked. (Quest 1 hint)--> At the island of ice in the middle of the overworld. (Quest 2 hint)--> Refer to old Map-5. Raft----- Can be used to cross far gaps from rivers and streams. (Quest 1 & 2 hint)--> Can be found in Dark Blue or in Gold. Stepladder----- Can be used to cross short gaps in the dungeons, and on specific areas in the overworld. (Quest 1 & 2 hint --> In Brown or Gold) Magical Cane----- Can fire a beam at your foes, a direct hit is stronger than the beam. (Quest 1 hint)--> Top left Tip of 5. (Quest 2 hint)--> Use a key in 1. Book of Mudora---- Adds a beam of fire to your Magical Cane. (Quest 1 & 2 hint)--> 1=4 and 2=6 Key----- Found in every dungeon, used to unlock various locked doors. WARNING! Exploring dungeons in random orders will force you to buy these keys at a high price. Kingdom Key----- Can unlock any lock, and is the final key you'll find. (No hint required) Map----- Found in every dungeon, once collected the layout appears on the HUD. ~Tip~ Some rooms aren't marked on the map, exploring off map leads to rewards a lot of the time. Compass----- Reveals the Location that you need to reach. Tears of Light----- Collecting 8 of these tears allows you to enter one of the Master Temples. =========================================================================================================================== (5) | _____| ~Damage Info~ (NEWBIE MODE) All Items are stronger than they originally were, not to the extremes though. Direct sword hits are 1.5 times stronger than normal sword blows, so keep your health up! Bombs do "FF" amount of damage, FF is the highest number in HEX. So it can kill anything in one hit pretty much. LOL (CASUAL MODE) Damage given from Link's items are same as original except sword beams are stronger than normal hits. The Boomerang also does damage too, just like all other versions. (VETERAN AND MASTER MODE) All Items are weaker than they originally were, not to the extremes though. It more like added an extra hit needed to kill enemies which previously were defeated with on less hit. Sword beam hits are 1.5 times stronger than normal sword blows, so keep your health up! (TRUE FOR ALL VERSIONS) Fire from the Book of Mudora and the damage of the lamp has been increased. The Boomerang can now kill enemies by repeated throws, throwing it at close proximity does more damage and when it is returning it also does more damage. =========================================================================================================================== (6) | _____| ~New features~ UP+A Save feature has been removed, instead, just press SELECT on (Controller 1) when in the subscreen! Again, boomerang can kill enemies other than Keese (Bats). ~Pro Tips~ Pause buffering - E.G pressing SELECT over and over to focus more. Jumping - Walking over slash shaped rocks to reach seemingly unreachable areas. Playing Ocarina multiple times before tornado reaches you - Allows you to skip warps. Spin attack - Turn around just as you attack in one direction, useful when escaping Stalfos Knights (Darknuts). =========================================================================================================================== (7) | _____| ~Dungeon Location Tips (Quest 1)~ 1. Forest Temple - found in the forest , first and only forest area you encounter. 2. Icy Desert Temple - found in the desert of ice , FAR WEST. 3. Underground Temple - Found under a rock in the Northwest. 4. Earth Temple - found high up in the mountains , must know the path through the icy haunted woods. 5. Frozen Falls - Behind a still waterfall. 6. Forbidden Pond - Only can be reached using fire from the Magical Cane. 7. Temple of Blood - In the Northeastern area past the raft launch. 8. Temple of the Dead - In a forbidden area, that can only be reached by playing music. 9. Master Temple of Darkness - In the northwest tip of the land . ~Dungeon Location Tips (Quest 2)~ 1. Spruce Temple - Remember where Map-2 was in Quest 1? 2. Arrow Temple - Found in an arrow mark. 3. Ice Temple - Found on the Island of Ice in the middle of the land. 4. Temple under the shores - Found at the eastern shores, under a rock. 5. Earth Temple 2 - Remember where Map-4 was in Quest 1? 6. Boulder Temple - Found in a huge boulder location in the Ice region, must have Raft! 7. Temple of the grave - Under a gravestone that can only be reached in the 2nd Quest ! Above forest at the mideast shores. 8. Temple of Snow - In the desert of Ice, need Ocarina . 9. Master Temple of Sacrifice - On a fairy screen in the icy west region, a suitable name for this temple, and you'll see why ;) =========================================================================================================================== (8) | _____| ~Heart Container Locations (Quest 1 & 2)~ Only giving hint's for the ones in the overworld and will be listing them in the order they become available to reach in-game. In Quest 2 almost every Heart Container in the dungeons are hidden deep in the dungeons themselves and not obtained by beating bosses. I highly discourage reading this unless you really can't find them. ~Heart Container Locations (Quest 1)~ HC#1- Directly one area west of the perfect diamond shape in the woods; need a Lamp. HC#2- Under an Armos Statue in the red mountains; need Goron Bracelet. HC#3- Walk across the broken bridge above the woods; need Stepladder. HC#4- Directly one area west of the top right corner of the map; need bombs. HC#5- Directly one area east of the MAP-9; need bombs. ~Heart Container Locations (Quest 2)~ HC#1- Directly underneath the Red Lamp shop; need a Lamp HC#2- Under an Armos Statue in the red mountains; need Goron Bracelet. Same location as in Quest 1. HC#3- Inside old MAP-7 Location from the 1st Quest. HC#4- Same location as the Blue Mail from the 1st Quest. HC#5- Two areas west of MAP-8 from the 1st Quest; push a gravestone. NOTE!- In Quest 2, in one of the dungeons, there isn't a heart container, because there's one in MAP-9 instead. =========================================================================================================================== (9) | _____| ~Credits & Acknowledgements~ Nintendo & Shigeru Miyamoto----- Without him, the original base game and everyone's fond memories of it would've never been ! ~Thank you Mr.Miyamoto & Nintendo!~ I in no way make a profit off this IPS file... others might. (Me) The3Dude----- Hacker of everything including graphics, dungeon designs, overworld designs, secrets, music, title screen, and everything else except the minimap mod. Though I did make the graphics for the minimap. Snarfblam----- Creator of the minimap mod and many editing tools such as, (ZeldaTech - The overworld editor), and (Dungeon Master - The Dungeon editor). Without Snarfblams tools, this project could've taken over a year! ~Thank you to the infinities Snarf!~ Website from which I am able to post this hack, and a source of valuable hacking information on Zelda 1's code. ~Thanks, RHDN!~ Scucci----- Creator of the (Zelda Story Editor ~ZSE~) Made color coding a lot easier in the opening cutscene text. ~Thanks Scucci!~ YY-CHR----- Whoever the guy is behind creating this program, thank you so much. This tool was a life saver and is far more superior to Tile-Layer pro <--- The old graphics editor. YY-CHR.Net is the one I use. If you can't tell by now, this is a graphics editor. ~Thank you for such an amazing graphics editor!~ Charade----- Charade provided me with his own notes he made when creating his "Legend of Banjo" ROM hack. These notes consisted of the game's music. ~Thank you for your music code notes!~ They helped me with a few pieces of music hacking, and I was able to change the death theme into the "Dearly Beloved" soundtrack from another game series! Psyklax----- Provided info on the piece of code in which button presses are found. So I was able to change which buttons cause the SAVE screen to appear and on which controller! Now you can save by pressing SELECT on Controller 1 while in the subscreen. Beta Testers----- Last but certainly not least, I'd like to thank all my beta testers for their help in finding glitches and overall feedback. Testers names-----ultimaweapon, Googie, xttx, eleventhirtyfour, Mari42, and Softcomet. Most Reliable Testers-----Out of all testers listed above ultimaweapon and Googie are the two which actually felt like on the grind testers. ~Thank you so much for your help and feedback!~ It is highly appreciated. High emphasis on ultimaweapon. You, the Player-----Thank you for downloading and reading this it really means a lot, you were my main motivation in creating this hack. Thanks for making my work feel worthwhile :) ... I've tried my best to make this hack even better than my last one, Link's Shadow. =========================================================================================================================== (10) | ______| ~Legal Info~ Original work by Nintendo, I (The3Dude) am in no way gaining profit from this ROM hack, nor do I intend to. ?1986 Nintendo Please DO NOT create and sell repro carts using a patched ROM file. Though I know most people will ignore this, at least I tried. Txt file by The3Dude. ?2019 The3Dude ===========================================================================================================================

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