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  • Console: GB
  • Original Game: Pokémon: Red Version
  • Type: Complete
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Modifications: G,S,L,T,GP,Other
  • Creator: 80C
  • Date Created: 04/19/2020
  • Last Modified: 04/19/2020

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  • Downloads: 4
  • Requirements: No Special Requirements
  • Version: 1.5
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About Pokemon Grape

Don’t think this is gonna be a 100% Gold Remake, it’ll have its differences. Extra battles (some’ll be optionals, tough but rewarding), Hoenn Pokemon (in every area, and hard to find) New areas, Remapped some dungeons (so your old guides wont work) , Extra recurring characters (some’ll hate you, some’ll help you)

Note that the hack is incomplete but feel free to enjoy the hack as-is.

Pokemon GrapeRead Me

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ123 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The above bar is the Latin Alphabet repeated 4 times in a row with the addition of 1, 2 and 3. In order to read the special table contained in the "Utilities" Section of this document make sure that the first line in this document forms a single row. This document is best read with the font Courier, size 10. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- _________________________________ / \ _____| POKéMON GRAPE |_____ \ | _______________________________ | / \ |/ | by 80C | \| / / \ | | / \ /______/ \______\ ============================== = = = ENGLISH = = = ============================== Pokémon Grape - Final Version v1.x By 80C Games. Thank you for downloading Pokémon Grape! "Pokémon Grape" is my "opus magnus" in terms of fanmade hacked games. If you need instructions on how to get instructions on how to play this game please check out this ReadMe. This document cannot be changed or altered in any way. This document is for private use only. *A boring General Info Mini-section in "European" format* Hack ROM Name: Pokémon Grape Original Game: Pokémon Red Hack ROM Author: 80C Created on: October 25th 2012 Finished On: October 25th 2016 First Published On: December 31st 2019 Hardware: Game Boy, with "upward" compatibility with Super Game Boy (SGB) and Game Boy Color (GBC). Last update: Final v1.5 Previous Updates: ° Demo 1 Jul 25th 2013 ~15% of the final game ° Demo 2 Dec 18th 2013 ~33% of the final game ° Demo 2.1 Dec 25th 2013 ~33% of the final game ° Demo 3 Dec 25th 2014 ~50% of the final game ° Demo 3.1 Jul 25th 2015 ~55% of the final game ° Final 1.0 Dec 31st 2019 The first full version ° Final 1.1 Jan 06th 2020 Major bug fixes from Final v1.0 ° Final 1.2 Jan 11th 2020 Bug Fixes, improvements ° Final 1.4 Jan 20th 2020 Major Update, lots of bug fixes and Add-Ons ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- _________________________________ / \ _____| 00. CONTENTS |_____ \ | _______________________________ | / \ |/ | | \| / / \ | | / \ /______/ \______\ 01. How to Play -------------------------------------------------------[pg:m1] ---01.A. How to get started -------------------------------------------[m1:a] ---01.B. Basic Controls -----------------------------------------------[m1:b] ---01.C. And So the Adventure Begins! ---------------------------------[m1:c] 02. Background Info ---------------------------------------------------[pg:m2] 03. Story -------------------------------------------------------------[pg:m3] 04. Features ----------------------------------------------------------[pg:m4] 05. Known Issues ------------------------------------------------------[pg:m5] 06. Utilities ---------------------------------------------------------[pg:m6] ---06.A. Pokémon List -------------------------------------------------[m6:a] ------Included in the list are: ------*New evolutive chains; ------*New Type Assignment; ---06.B. New Type Chart -----------------------------------------------[m6:b] ---06.C. Moves List ---------------------------------------------------[m6:c] ---06.D. TM List ------------------------------------------------------[m6:d] ---06.E. Item List ----------------------------------------------------[m6:e] 07. FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) -----------------------------------[pg:m7] ---07.A. General Questions --------------------------------------------[m7:a] ---07.B. Quest Scenario Questions -------------------------------------[m7:b] ---07.C. Other Questions ----------------------------------------------[m7:c] 08. Previous Versions -------------------------------------------------[pg:m8] ---08.A. Final v1.5 ---------------------------------------------------[m8:a] ---08.B. Final v1.4 ---------------------------------------------------[m8:b] ---08.C. Older Final Versions -----------------------------------------[m8:c] 09. Credits -----------------------------------------------------------[pg:m9] For an easier navigation, copy the label beside each Chapter or sub-chapter, use the "Find/Search" function in your text program/browser to search for a term and paste the copied label in the searching box. You will find the section you are searching for faster. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [pg:m1] _________________________________ / \ _____| 01. HOW TO PLAY |_____ \ | _______________________________ | / \ |/ | | \| / / \ | | / \ /______/ \______\ [m1:a] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How To Get Started ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 01) Unzip the .zip\.rar packet you downloaded; 02) Manage to procure yourself an unaltered Pokémon Red (USA) ROM. I don't give ROMs, find them by yourself by searching on the web; 03) Download an emulator for Game Boy Games, like VisualBoyAdvance or BGB; I don't give emulators, find them by yourself by searching on the web; IF YOU DOWNLOADED THE .IPS FILE: 04A) Download a patch utility for .ips files, like LunarIPS; 04B) Open LunarIPS.exe and then click "Apply IPS Patch"; 04C) Select the file GrapeFinal1.5.ips; 04D) At this point select the Pokémon Red ROM and then click "Apply"; IF YOU DOWNLOADED THE .XDELTA FILE: 04A) Download a patch utility for .xdelta files, like DeltaPatcher; 04B) Open DeltaPatcher.exe and then select the Pokémon Red ROM; 04C) Select the patch file GrapeFinal1.5.xdelta; 04D) Now click "Apply Patch"; 05) Rename the patched ROM "Pokémon Grape" or whatever you like; 07) Use the emulator you downloaded to play Pokémon Grape; 08) Enjoy ;) ! [m1:b] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Basic Controls ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Note: These controls refer to the Game Boy\Game Boy Color buttons. If you are playing this game on another device (probably 99.9% of you ones) you may want to configure the joypad inputs on your emulator before playing. ----- * D-Pad (Directional Arrows) : ° Move the Player in the overworld; ° Move the cursor between menu options (Menu, Battle, etc.); * A Button: ° (In the Overworld) Interact with people, objects, signs, hidden items on the ground; ° Select an option (Menu, Battle, etc.); * B Button: ° De-select an option, quit to the previous menu (Menu, Battle, etc.); * B Button (Press and Hold): ° (In the Overworld) Run (while moving the Player with the D-Pad); ° (In the Overworld) Turbo while using the Kart (while moving the Player with the D-Pad); ° (In the Overworld) Jump over a ledge or a jump position (while moving the player in the according direction with the D-Pad); * START Button: ° (In the Overworld) Open the Pause Menu; * Select Button: ° Switch order between two moves (in the Battle Menu); ° Switch order between two Items (in the Bag Menu); * (Press and Hold) A Button + B Button + START Button + Select Button: Soft Reset, the game is resetted and restarts without having to switch off and on the device (an operation known as "hard reset" in technical jargon), this is the only (legit) way of getting to the Title Screen without switching off the console; * (Press and Hold) B Button + Select Button + D-Pad Up (Up Arrow): ° (On the Title Screen with the Pokémon Logo) Erase all saved data; ° (As soon as the Game Freak animation screen shows up) Quickly skip to the Title Screen, skipping the introductions; [m1:c] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And So the Adventure Begins! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome to the Pokémon World! Pokémon, or Pocket Monsters, are strange and marvelous creatures. Some people threat them as pets, many others instead adopt them as their battling monsters in what are called Pokémon Fights. There are still many mysteries around Pokémon to solve, and there are a lot of adventures and tales based on them. Pokémon Grape is one of these adventures, it takes place on a completely new Region a year after the events that occoured on Pokémon Red and Blue (and on Ruby & Sapphire, perhaps). Welcome to the Region of Frejo! It's 1999 and you will impersonate a former baseball player. Your Player is not an aspiring Pokémon Trainer -- he's an affirmed baseball player. However, due to the circumstances, he will have to get involved in this adventure. After a small interview by Professor Bek (formerly Professor Tek, but misspelled "Bek" due to a mistake by the Anagraph Office), you will find yourself in your home in Paceleaf City. On the table you may read the Instruction Book for a few useful tips on your adventure. You may also check out the Town Map on the wall to see the Region you live on, the Region of Frejo. Before you're leaving home, you may want to check out your Personal Computer: the protagonist stores a few Fresh Water bottles in case of emergency, and you will certainly need them. The Player's Mother will be there during the whole adventure and, once you get a Starter Pokémon at Rustel City's Pokémon Lab, she will heal all your Pokémon whenever you want. Also, keep in mind that next door lives the Player's fiancee, Keira. She will assist the player in case of great difficulty. If you run out of money, or if your pocket is almost empty, she will give you some PokeMoney borrowed from her millionaire father. Also, if for some reason you don't have any more Pokémon but one she will be happy to give you a Pokémon! She's the best girlfriend in the world, isn't she? Once you arrive in Rustel City you will be approached by Prof.Bek and from here your errand will start. You will receive your first Pokémon, a Starter Pokémon, and you will be confronted by your nemesis, Paul, the player's rival. You'd better win. Oh, almost forgot, before you leave Rustel City you may want to visit the nearby Pokémon Mart in order to deliever Prof.Bek a mysterious parcel. At this point you will receive the PokéDex, the device used to store info about the Pokémon you catch. This tool may be essential for your quest since there are over 240 Pokémon species, and you don't want to stumble into confusion, right? Oh, the glorious days when Pokémon species were below half a thousand! Do not freak out if all your favourite legendaries Pokémon aren't there (despite the fact than there's already a notable amount of them since many other were added in -- with relative unique events) because ALL Pokémon species will be interesting in their own terms as there's no real weak Pokémon once you manage to make it stronger, or to evolve it if that's the case. Remember, you have two Regions to explore -- Frejo and Kelgo, each one with his unique Town Map -- and plenty of secrets to unravel and discover, secret achievements that might make you stronger and, hence, make your journey far less unforgiving. You see, your quest scenario isn't that linear: Frejo, due its geometry, whirls itself up, like in a true open world, and many areas have to be back-tracked due to secrets that might have been previously out of reach. Beware, because there any many traps, pitfalls, and tricks along the way that you would not have previously imagined! And, even after completing the First Quest up to the Pokémon League, there are two additional main quests, the Second Quest and the Hidden Quest, and with the exception of the Second Quest that will be available after the First one, all quests are somehow intertwined between them, leaving many many many things to explore and try. With all these things there's plenty of gameplay in there, without a doubt much more than in the original Pokémon Red (and much more than in the original Pokémon games, even the latter ones) - probably Pokémon Grape is one of the longest pokémon games to complete for 100% completion without cheating due to its enormous amount of backtracking, alternative scenarios and secrets. From here onwards, it's up to you! Speak to every character and bystander in order to have some hints and tips on your next destination. Gotta Catch 'em All! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [pg:m2] _________________________________ / \ _____| 02. BACKGROUND INFO |_____ \ | _______________________________ | / \ |/ | | \| / / \ | | / \ /______/ \______\ This is a hack ROM based on Pokémon Red (USA); the author is 80C and this is his first hack ROM. Pokémon Grape's developement began in 2012, it had 3 Demo releases: "Demo 1", and "Demo2", were released during 2013; "Demo 3" was released on Christmas 2014 while its expansion, named "Demo 3.1", was released on Summer 2015. Each Demo release featured huge differences and improvements. This is a Total Overhaul hack that changed drastically the original game beyond recognition and it features advanced Assembly Features - most of them have been implemented for the first time in a Gen.1 Hack ROM like Phisical-Special split attack, new evolution methods etc etc etc. Later hacks, mostly 1st and 2nd Generation hacks (but even hacks based on later Generations) were notably influenced by this hack. A few events of the game are similar to the events that occour in Pokémon Red\Blue (altought in a different order); those similarities however are to be explained later in the game's storyline. The hack is pretty hard, especially at the beginning of the game, and the gameplay experience offers way more hours of gameplay than the original Red Version (and perhaps even a few newer games). This is the last hack that has been realized with obsolete methods like hex editing, manual repointing, byte-by-byte programming etc. Many fans considered this hack the "spiritual successor" of classic retrò Pokémon Hacks like Pokémon Brown and Pokémon Team Rocket Edition and, in facts, this hack constitutes the turning point, or the bridge, between these classic hacks and the latter more sophisticated ones. Actually Pokémon Grape is widely considered by both critics and fans around the world one of the best Gen.1 hack ever made, and one of the best ones regardless of the game engine on which is based, compeating easily even with hacks based on the 3rd Generation of Pokémon games. It even won several prizes and contests online during the mid-2010s, with the last Demo receiving critical acclaim worldwide. Definitively, Pokémon Grape splits the age of Pokémon fangames into two: before Pokémon Grape and after Pokémon Grape. Blah blah blah, now let's get started. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [pg:m3] _________________________________ / \ _____| 03. STORY |_____ \ | _______________________________ | / \ |/ | | \| / / \ | | / \ /______/ \______\ --- Note: The story features a few unclear points on purpose, especially in the latest areas of the game that are open to the interpretation of the players. Also, it turns out that many characters are unrelaiable narrators. Consider this an experiment in videogame storyline-making. Remember that the Storyline is a pretext for a quite weird series of events that make the story itself. The following is only a backstory that is mentioned by several NPCs in the first parts of the game. --- Welcome to the Region of Frejo! It's 1999 and you will impersonate a former baseball player who has to take part in a challenge for the ownership of the Pokémon League located on the border between the Region of Frejo and the Region of Kelgo. In fact the powerful Frejo League is located on contended territory, supposedly stolen "a thousand of years" prior from the Region of Kelgo, and tension for a conflict is bulding. As a last resort, the leaders of the two Regions decide to create this Competition for the ownership of the League: each region chooses a rookie trainer as contender, not to create too much advantage on each other, with each contender representing one of the regions. Your player stands as the Frejo contender. Your rival is the Kelgo contender who, quite surprisingly, is another boy from Frejo, PAUL, the son of a local mobster from Team Rocket who managed to escape from Kanto with some of his associates after the failed "Silph Coup" the previous year and relocated there. It is heavily implied that the Region of Kelgo is trying to sabotate the Competition by assuming the local Rocket mobsters, but apparently this is not enough for them. Indeed, the night before the competition starts, "some bad guys" from Team Rocket enter the Pokémon League and erase all Pokémon Data from its Mainframe, triggering economic drawbacks since the loss of this Pokémon data -- economic stuff the players aren't supposed to comprehend. At the last minute it is decided that the contenders will be aided by Professor Bek (mispelled by the Anagraph Office as his name was "Professor Tek") who will hand them a PokéDex so each contender will bring the missing PokéMon Data back as part of an additional quest. This might look quite simple, but matters are complicated by the presence of an Occult Group who goes under the name of the "Epsilon" that apparently is secretly controlling this Frejo branch of Team Rocket. Probably the Epsilonists are helping the Region of Kelgo, but this is never disclosed overtly (altough it's implied). Its leader, Kifflom, is both trying to sabotaging the Region of Frejo and putting into practise his evil masterplan: the "Epsilon Program". Somehow it has to do with a newly discovered legendary Pokémon, Driadjin, the Guardian of the Region of Frejo. There's even more secret cult-alike stuff that will further complicate the story and shed some light on very complicated storyline implications, especially during the Hidden Quest and the Second Quest. Apparently this story, despite looking simple and plain, hides some major revelations to be disclosed during the Post-League. And those might somehow be related with some rumors and legends from the core Pokémon series. The winner takes all. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [pg:m4] _________________________________ / \ _____| 04. FEATURES |_____ \ | _______________________________ | / \ |/ | | \| / / \ | | / \ /______/ \______\ This is, without any doubt, the Pokémon hack released in the 2010s that introduced most 1st-time-ever features than any other hack previously released -- regardless of platform, competing even against 3rd-generation games. There are so many changes and features that a Sub-Category for each addition is needed. Keep in mind that, being this a total reworking of the original game, nearly everything had been changed and so it is nearly impossible to list each small modification, so listed here there are only the most notable and major additions. See also the Next sections for further information and details. ---------- (@) = Feature introduced for the first time ever in a Generation1 Pokémon Hack. (Meaning that Pokémon Grape was the first Gen.1 Hack to have this feature); (@@) = Feature introduced for the first time ever in a Pokémon Hack (any platform). (Meaning that Pokémon Grape was the first Hack to have this feature); ---------- ------------------------ | OVERWORLD / SCENARIO | ------------------------ *A completely new Region, Frejo, bigger and better than Kanto, you can travel along Frejo and in parts of a second region, Kelgo; *Region-depending Town Map for Frejo and Kelgo (@), with different Flying options for each region (@); *THREE main quests: The First Quest (Pokémon League), Second Quest (Post-League) and the Hidden Quest - featuring the Item Trading Sequence and the Gem Quest! *Lots of hidden secrets, rewards, Hidden Dungeons, Optional Dungeons, unlockables, the Hidden Palace and so on!; *Secrets, Puzzles, Mysteries to solve and an (@) Item-trading sequence Legend Of Zelda-fashion; *SideScrolling areas Legend Of Zelda-fashion, there are various sidescrolling areas of different nature; *A full working Hot Spring with related events (@); *Very improved graphics, there are completely new devamped sprites for each Pokémon species and very detailed tilesets; *Running Shoes System + Kart Boost x4 System (@@)- actually working differently from Pokémon Brown 2014 with a Different ASM - and it doesn't speed while surfing -- the x4 boost is a (@@); *More Fly-able, bike-able, dig-able and teleport-able ambients (@); *Medical Kits systems: somewhere in Frejo you can use those lying bags to restore your Pokémon (@); *Traps of various nature in certain dungeons, more elaborated than the ones in Pokémon Red\Blue (@); *New Repel System, imported from Pokémon Black2\White 2; *Animated Waterfall mechanics, like in Gen.2 games (@); *Animated Magma, like in Gen.2 games(@); *Ice Sliding Mechanics from Gen.2 games; *Dive as a field move - explore underwater areas! *The Safari Zone can be accessed both under the Safari Battle Mode and in the regular battling Mode as a secret prize (@@); *Battle Tower, like in Pokémon Crystal (in this version it's only maps, tough); *Nuzlocke-Exclusive areas (@@) (Auto-Nuzlocke Mode isn't implemented yet in this version, tough); *The three legendary dogs roaming around the Region after a certain event, active the event and you'll eventually find Roaming Pokémon! *Scouter item that beeps if a roaming Pokémon is in your area (@@) and that can aid in finding roaming pokémon (@@); *Elaborate new scripts and events completely absent from the original games; *More emotion bubbles, used more often than in the original game for special effects in the course of many events and/or dialogues (@); *Move Deleter NPC (@); *Move Tutor NPC; *"Pokémon Smeller" NPC: she can detect the last Pokémon you've encountered (@@); *There are many shapshots and figurative art that can be osserved in gameplay; *Hilarious dialogues, humour and tons of "pop culture" references; *Occasional self-censored profanity, Conker's-Bad-Fur-Day Style (@@), after all this game is a parody of Pokémon and the video-gaming culture; ------------------------ | ITEMS | ------------------------ *New Objects implemented, many of them even have new functions like Lighter, Magic Hammer and many others (@@) (I wrote the tutorial that made that possible in other hacks); *Kart instead of Bicycle :) (@); *New PokéBall types with new features, Fast, Dive, Nest, Net Balls, with the addition of Shiny Ball for turning Pokémon into shinies, Dope Ball for boosting their stats and some newly added PokéBalls with functionalities applied for the first time in this hack (@): Heal, Dusk, Timer and Repeat Balls! *Snag Ball: You can steal other people's Pokémon! *Improved PokéBall usage; *New items used for Pokémon evolution; *An Item Diviner is capable of correctly guessing the last Item you've used! (@@); Look at the Utilities Section for further information: [ pg:m6 ] ------------------------ | POKéMON | ------------------------ *Over 240 different Pokémon Species including Pokémon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos along with 2 new Fakemon; *10 Extra types: Steel, Dark, Fairy, Atom, Wood, Wind, Gas, Sound, Light and Bone! Whoa, too much for my brain! *New evolution methods adapted from further generation along with new methods of evolution (@@) - This has been the first Pokémon hack rom with such implementation; *Pokémon Barber NPC: he can do a haircut on your Pokémon for a fee. This way you can evolve a few Pokémon species that in the Official games evolve through Happyness Level increasing, including Eevee into Umbreon/Espeon (@@); *Each Pokémon has completely new High-Quality sprites devamped from later games (98% Front Sprites by the Author and the rest by the game's contributors, back sprites are mostly from G/S/C) and each one uses its own palette, matching Gen3 colors (with LOTS of dithering) Side note: Front sprites were drawn with MSPaint without devamp aid O_O ; *Each backsprite can use a different palette from the usual one, widening the display of the Pokémon colors - most notably with Shellder, Shellgon, Staryu, Ivysaur, Venusaur and many others; *Compatibility with Gen.1, Gen.2 games & even certain other hacks (somehow); Look at the Utilities Section for further information: [ pg:m6 ] ------------------------ | BATTLE | ------------------------ *70 extra new Moves, including moves that use the new types (at least 3 damage dealing moves for each new type); *Phisical\Special Split attack (@) this has been the first Gen.1 hack rom with such implementation; *Damage Counter during battles in Final Fantasy-fashion (@@) Thanks to Uac.Dario! *EXP Bar - Thanks to Danny-E 33 for the original version of the asm routine; *Dive and Bounce are now handled with a unique message each by the game (@); *Newly added Move effects, for example (@@) the Rapid Spin Gen.8 effect; Look at the Utilities Section for further information: [ pg:m6 ] ------------------------ | MENU | ------------------------ *Colored and shaded fonts (@); *Dark Fonts and even Braille Fonts! (@); *Switchable and selectable textboxes (@); *A fourth text speed included: MAX speed, leaving no delay between letters (@); *Extra intro screens before the standard introduction; *Custom OverWorlds in the Pokémon menu, one for each Pokémon species - uses a different ASM routine from Pokémon Maize and T.R.E. 2; *Unique Textbox and un-shaded fonts in Battles (@@); ------------------------ | MISCELLANEOUS | ------------------------ *Several glitches left there by the original developers were fixed. See the next section for further details: [ pg:m5 ] *You'll find that a lot of secondary characters have a whole backstory behind them, which may or may not involve the plot, indeed, this is not a game featuring the story "save the princess and slay the Dragonking", although it may seem like so since this game is poking fun at it; *And much more... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [pg:m5] _________________________________ / \ _____| 05. KNOWN ISSUES |_____ \ | _______________________________ | / \ |/ | | \| / / \ | | / \ /______/ \______\ --- NOT BUGS: *Sometimes Rustel City's music pitch changes slightly if you re-enter the area. I found this funny so I left it in the game. Yes, the song is "California Gurls" by Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg, thanks to AshAndMisty (aka Red) for this catchy tune; --- Fixed Bugs originally present in Pokémon Red Version: Many were first-time fixes: notably the Ditto Assumption, Glitch City, Walk-Thru-Walls, Cable-Club-Escape, PokéDoll Oversight, SaveReset Oversight, Names Issues, Door Tile sound oversights, Using Repels upon repels, 1st GYM Skipping, Cycling Road Skipping, several Safari Zone PA-System Glitches and safari zone steps-decreasing issues. (Apparently no one noticed the Door Sound Oversight before 80C did, so it is likely that, at the time of writing this document, that oversight isn't listed among the officially discovered Pokemon Red/Blue glitches). *No more glitchy east-coast tile that spawns weird wild Pokémon, therefore, no MissingNo glitch. Surfing on the coast tile spawns the same pokémon you will find by surfing on the regular sea tile. This also fixed A LOT of other related glitches (for example, the "Safari Trick"); *Obviously no "Safari Trick" (See above); *No Glitch City :P *Fixed the "Safari Zone PA-System Glitch", fixing a lot of related glitches in the process (like the Walk-Through-Walls glitch); *Fixed the Walk-Thru-Walls Glitch once for all (See above); *Safari Zone's specialty and novelties (step decreasing, walking counter, etc.) are applied only when a safari session is paid first, meaning that a lot of glitches involving safari zone are all fixed; *Added a notable fix for the "Transform Glitch": Pokémon caught during the Transformed state, either by using Transform, Metronome or Mirror Move will retain their original Identity upon capture, they won't turn any longer into Ditto (Fixed the "Ditto assumption" glitch); *Fixed the "Evolutionary Stone Bypassing" Glitch; *The so-called "Save Reset Oversight" involving the cycling road has been fixed; *Fixed the infamous "Cable Club Escape Glitch"; *Fixed a lot of routines that handled water in the overworld; *Fixed the "1st GYM Skipping Sequence"; *Fixed the "Ghost Marowak Skipping" also known as the "PokéDoll Oversight"; *No Cycling Road Block skipping :P *Fixed the "Statue Fishing Glitch", you cannot use the fishing rod in unfit places; *No "invisible PC access" :P *No "Oak Poké Ball delivery text overlapping"; *No Elixier\Ether glitch in case you raise PPs with a PP-Up; *You cannot use another repel if the last used one is still active; *Focus Energy and Dire Hit are no longer glitched; *Substitute no longer has a chance of making its user faint by leaving it with 0 HP; *Fly, Dig, Dive and Bounce have invulnerability status and a custom message each; *Using Rest now also clears the badly poisoned state (and its multiplier); *Leech Seed is no longer effective against the target's substitute; *Sleeping now lasts for a maximum of 3 turns (instead of 7) and a minimum of 2; *When Pokémon wake up from sleeping they no longer waste their turn; *Fixed a minor issue involving the sound effects of doors and stairs; *ALL moves have been updated up to the later games, a few of them however keep their original damage (like Surf, Flamethrower, etc.) as I thought it was more convenient not worsen them further, Blizzard has a 30% of freezing chance like in the original japanese versions, Tackle behaves like in Gen.8 games; *ALL Critical Hit Moves now have a higher critical hit accordingly, with a few more addition (notably Dragon Claw and a few of the newly added ones); *After using Transform the palette color will be corrected as soon as you either look at the party Pokémon or wait a few turns; *No Super-Glitch Move (TMTrainer-Glitch or whatever); *Fixed an issue regarding Item Names, TM\HM names and names in general; *MissingNo. #000 (M'Block) has been _partially_ fixed, you won't encounter him in any way during normal gameplay though; *A lot of other minor fixes that actually I don't remember and are either unnoticeable in regular gameplay or impossible to mention on this README alone; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [pg:m6] _________________________________ / \ _____| 06. UTILITIES |_____ \ | _______________________________ | / \ |/ | | \| / / \ | | / \ /______/ \______\ Since a gigantic amount of players could not figure out many of the changes regarding Pokémon, moves and other stuff I decided to include in this README the following utilities: *Pokémon List, including: New evolutive chains; New Type Assignment; *New Type Chart *Moves List *TM List *Items List [m6:a] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pokémon List ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All the Original 151 Pokémon Red & Blue Pokémon species have been kept (that is, the species ranging from Bulbasaur to Mew). The total amount of Pokémon species in this game is 248, that is, 97 newly added Pokémon species without replacing older ones -- more than any other 1st Generation Pokémon game before this one. The list presents itself like this: 1) Older pokémon who had a change of type; 2) Newly added Pokémon from 152 to 248 - with eventual new types; 3) New evolutive chains previously not found on the original games; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Older pokémon who had a change of type ------------------------------ Clefairy Fairy* Clefable Fairy* Ninetales Fire\ Light** Jigglypuff Fairy*\ Sound Wigglytuff Fairy*\ Sound Bellsprout Wood**\Grass Weepinbell Wood**\Grass Victreebell Wood**\Grass Rapidash Fire\ Bone** Magnemite Electric\ Steel* Magneton Electric\ Steel* Farfetch'd Flying\ Wood** Gastly Ghost\ Gas** Haunter Ghost\ Gas** Gengar Ghost\ Gas** Electrode Electric\ Light** Cubone Bone** Marowak Bone** Koffing Poison\ Gas** Weezing Poison\ Gas** Rhyhorn Rock\ Bone** Rhydon Rock\ Bone** Seaking Water\ Bone** Scyther Bug\ Wind** Tauros Normal\ Bone** Gyarados Water\ Wind** Ditto Atom** Porygon Atom** Omanyte Water\ Bone** Omastar Water\ Bone** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2) Newly added Pokémon from 152 to 248 - with eventual new types; ------------------------------ Chikorita Bayleef Grass\ Light** Meganium Grass\ Light** Cyndaquil Quilava Typhlosion Totodile Croconaw Feraligatr Houndour Fire\ Dark* Houndoom Fire\ Dark* Heracross Yanma Yanmega Spinarak Ariados Chinchou Lanturn Swinub Piloswine Mamoswine Ice\ Bone** Natu Xatu Mareep Flaaffy Electric\ Light** Ampharos Electric\ Light** Marill Water\ Fairy* Azumarill Water\ Fairy* Murkrow Flying\ Dark* Honchkrow Flying\ Dark* Larvitar Pupitar Tyranitar Rock\ Dark* Uranytar Rock\ Light** Phanpy Donphan Ground\ Bone** Wooper Quagsire Togepi Fairy* Togetic Fairy*\ Flying Togekiss Fairy*\ Flying Gligar Gliscor Sneasel Dark*\ Ice Weavile Dark*\ Ice Tyrogue Hitmontop Misdreavus Mismagius Skarmory Flying\ Steel* Espeon Umbreon Dark* Leafeon Glaceon Sylveon Fairy* Magnezone Electric\ Steel* Electivire Magmortar Porygon2 Atom** Porygon-Z Atom** Tangrowth Scizor Bug\ Steel* Steelix Ground\ Steel* Slowking Kingdra Rhyperior Rock\ Bone** Blissey Crobat Politoed Water\ Sound** Lickilicky Raikou Electric\ Wind** Entei Fire\ Wind** Suicune Water\ Wind** Lugia Wind** Ho-Oh Flying\ Light** Seedot Wood** Nuzleaf Wood** Shiftry Wood**\ Dark* Whismur Sound** Loudred Sound** Exploud Sound** Aron Steel* Lairon Steel* Aggron Steel*\Rock Torkoal Fire\ Gas** Tropius Wood**\Wind** Chimeco Wind**\ Psychic Anorith Bone**\ Bug Armaldo Bone**\ Bug Bagon Shelgon Dragon\ Bone** Salamence Drilbur Excadrill Ground\ Steel* Phantump Ghost\ Wood** Trevenant Ghost\ Wood** Driadjin Dragon\ Light** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3) New evolutive chains previously not found on the original games; Note: This game features, for the first time ever in a Pokémon hack, new methods of evolutions different from the original game's ones. Most of them are based on methods introduced in the later games. These methods include: * Levelling up in a specific map/area; * Levelling up knowing a particular move; * The relationship between ATK and DEF stats of a Pokémon (Tyrogue); * Give your Pokémon a Haircut by a Barber NPC; * Daylight/Night-Time depending evolution through Haircut; ------------------------------ Base Evolution Method ------------------------------ Golbat Crobat Haircut Poliwhirl Politoed King's Rock Kadabra Alakazam Trade Stone Machoke Machamp Trade Stone Graveler Golem Trade Stone Slowpoke Slowking King's Rock Magneton Magnezone Level up in the Panopticon Area Haunter Gengar Trade Stone Onix Steelix Metal Coat Lickitung Lickilicky Level up having learnt Rollout Rhydon Rhyperior Protector Chansey Blissey Haircut Tangela Tangrowht Level up having learnt Ancientpower Seadra Kingdra Dragonscale Scyther Scizor Metal Coat Electabuzz Electivire Electrizer Magmar Magmortar Magmarizer Eevee Espeon Haircut during day time (Clock On) Eevee Umbreon Haircut at night time (Clock On) Eevee Leafeon Level up in Fracture Hill's surface Eevee Glaceon Level up in Frejon Tunnel Ice Area Eevee Sylveon Level up while knowing a fairy-type move Porygon Porygon2 Upgrade Yanma Yanmega Level up while learning ancientpower Piloswine Mamoswine Level up while learning ancientpower Murkrow Honchkrow Dusk Stone Pupitar Uranytar Star Gene Togetic Togekiss Shiny Stone Gligar Gliscor Razor Fang Sneasel Weavile Razor Claw Tyrogue Hitmonchan Level up if Atk>Def Tyrogue Hitmonlee Level up if Atk=100 *NET BALL ; x3.5 effectiveness on water type OR bug type pokémon *DIVE BALL ; x3.5 effectiveness in the underwater maps. *NEST BALL ; ((41 - Pokémon's level) % 10)x, minimum 1x, max pokémon level 40 *REPEAT BALL ; x3.5 effectiveness if it's an already owned Pokémon specie *TIMER BALL ; the more the gameplay hours, the more effective the ball is *DUSK BALL ; 3.5× if used in a cave, in a dark area (and perhaps at night) *HEAL BALL ; heals automatically the caught pokémon *SHINY BALL ; ££ turns the caught pokémon into a shiny (the ball is there and it's collectable but has no effect since shiny mechanics aren't implemented yet in Final Version v1.0) *DOPE BALL ; maxes out the DVs of the caught Pokémon, overblowing its stats *CLONE BALL ; ££ %N - Obtains an HM Clone from the caught Pokémon (the ball is there and it's collectable but has no effect since Auto-Nuzlocke mechanics aren't implemented yet in Final Version v1.0) *SNAG BALL ; Steals a trainer's own pokémon! (And ends the battle upon capture). ---------------------- ° Items used for evolution *DE-STONE ; %U Used to de-evolve the evolute forms of Eevee! *TRADE STONE ; %U Use on Kadabra, Machoke, Graveler, Haunter and Phantump *DUSK STONE ; %U Use on Murkrow and Misdreavus *SHINY STONE ; %U Use on Togetic *UPGRADE ; %U Use on Porygon *HACKER's DISC ; %U Use on Porygon2 *METAL COAT ; %U Use on Onix and Scyther *KING'S ROCK ; %U Use on Poliwhirl and Slowpoke *MAGMARIZER ; %U Use on Magmar *ELECTRIZER ; %U Use on Electabuzz *PROTECTOR ; %U Use on Rhydon *RAZOR FANG ; %U Use on Gligar *RAZOR CLAW ; %U Use on Sneasel *DRAGONSCALE ; %U Use on Seadra *STAR GENE ; %U Use on Pupitar and see what happens! *GRAPE STONE ; %U Used to make a PokéGod! I wonder how... ---------------------- ° Fossils *DOME FOSSIL ; %F - Kabuto *HELIX FOSSIL ; %F - Omanyte *CLAW FOSSIL ; %F - Anorith ---------------------- ° Occasionally found while mining, either highselling items or low-selling junk *PEARL *BIG PEARL *STARDUST *STAR PIECE *MINI SHROOM *MUSHROOM ---------------------- ° These items only received a name tweak *EXP. SHARE ; %Q - Former "EXP All". *POKéCOLA ; Replaces Soda Pop in name, it is identical otherwise. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [pg:m7] _________________________________ / \ _____| 07. FAQ |_____ \ | _______________________________ | / \ |/ | | \| / / \ | | / \ /______/ \______\ In this section you will find out the basics "How to..." for this game. Exceptionally, being this game so difficult to beat/figure out, especially in the latest areas of the game (unless you cheat), I decided to include a quite comprehensive series of Quest Scenario Questions/Hints. Remember that Grape is the equivalent of 80s-scrap-brains RPGs where you have to take note of everything (not as much as "Wizardry" but almost there). [m7:a] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENERAL QUESTIONS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q: I have a question... etc. etc. etc... A: First, have a look at the other paragraphs in this FAQ. Probably your question is already here. Alternatively, you can ask other people who played this game -- my favourite choice, being this also a good way of interacting with real people exchanging a common interest. Keep in mind that your question might be already answered there so don't bother other players with an already-asked question - search for answers first -- the Web's helpful there. --------- Q: I'm stuck in this part of the game, etc. etc. etc... A: Look at the "Quest Scenario" Sub-Section of this FAQ. If you're still stuck you can browse online -- most of the times you'll figure out just by searching. Keep in mind that a lot of puzzles aren't that obvious and they require plain trial and error to solve them. --------- Q: How do I report a bug\glitch\oversight? A: This is a legitimate and very good question. A short description of the phenomenon, the area\map\circumstance where it was found and at least a pic should do it, either via private message on the last place I were active or, even better, publicly for the whole world to see so other players can take note of it and possibly avoid the reported glitch/bug/oversight. From time to time I end up reading random discussions, pics and\or videos by users (usually when it's too late) and fix each encountered bug in the next release\upgrade of this version. Keep in mind that I do not want to update too often -- only when a good amount of oversights had been detected so I can fix all of these in time for the next upgrade. --------- Q: How do I play this game? A: Please read carefully the "How to play" section on this manual. --------- Q: Pokémon Grape doesn't work on my emulator! Why!? A: There might be various reasons that may have to do with your computer, in that case I'm not going to answer your question as you have to verify first that you have got every needed thing (eg. all the needed extensions for running the emulators, like .dll files etc). Second, usually people commit mistakes while patching and\or doing settings. Have you patched the game correctly? Have you patched the right ROM (Pokémon Red Version (USA) v1.0 [!])? Are you sure that the ROM you have was not already patched\modified? Are you sure that the ROM you have is not damaged\corrupted and so on? Is your emulator supported in your cellphone\computer system? Is your emulator running? Is your emulator missing a needed .dll file or anything? Have you selected the right ROM? Did you select the right Emulator Option (Automatic\SGB)? Is your monitor turned on? Pokémon Grape had been extensively tested, even the day of its release, it doesn't freeze upon opening/playing etc. --------- Q: The game froze as soon as I opened it! A: Are you sure that the ROM you have was not already patched? Are you sure that the ROM you have is not damaged\corrupted and so on? I knew of people patching Pokémon Yellow for mistake, some patched it on a different localization of Pokémon Red, a few were patching older versions of Pokémon Grape, many others instead were trying to patch it on Pokémon Fire Red because they thought there was no difference at all... --------- Q: Can I play this game on my cellphone? A: You cannot play the game on the phone by itself, unless you run it on an emulator that is fit for your cellphone\device etc. Unfortunately, being I the old dinosaur I am I'm out of touch with current mobile technologies, so I have no suggestions for you :( Fortunately, there are way better and younger people than me that know more about it, and I'm sure you'll find someone glad to help you :) --------- Q: Whaaa- Why is the game in gray scale colors!? A: This happens when you emulate the game on Game Boy Original as the emulator "downgrades" the game to run on that platform which didn't feature palettes but only 2 shades of grey (and not 50... Sorry, bad joke). This happened in the Demos even when playing in GBC mode as in those development versions Grape wasn't "upward compatible" as the Final Version. The Final Version in facts is automatically colorized while running on Game Boy Color or superior backward-compatible hardware like the Game Boy Advance (and perhaps newer retro-emulators and extensions). This happens because Original Game Boy games were supposed to be in black\white but, almost at the last minute, Game Freak developers decided to add the Super Game Boy compatibility that allows the game to be colored (that's one of the many reasons that forced them to delay Pokémon Red\Blue's release on the market). Pokémon Grape, since Final Version v1.0, is automatically colored as Game Boy Color altough it is a Game Boy Original ROM with backward compatible Super Game Boy functionalities -- much like Pokémon Yellow -- so this issue is unlikely to happen unless the emulator is forced on Original Game Boy Mode. On BGB the game is automatically ran on SGB (Super Game Boy) mode so it is automatically colored, altough slightly different than in Color Mode, with the palettes being slightly brighter and the title screen with protagonist and scrolling pokémon of the same color -- this happens as Super Game Boy does not support distinct colorization of the VideoRAM OBJ Layer from other VRAM Banks (in short, sprites cannot get different colors from the background) at least in games ran on SGB Mode (at some point during developement of the SGB it seemed that this would have been possible by using the SNES Video RAM but, apparently, no developer ever did that). If you're doubtful go play Zelda: Link's Awakening DX on BGB and\or forced thru SGB Mode and see what I mean. --------- Q: Whaaaa-

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