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Final Fantasy VI - Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition Game

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  • Console: SNES
  • Original Game: Final Fantasy III
  • Type: Improvement
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Modifications: G,T,Other
  • Creator: Rodimus Primal
  • Date Created: 07/29/2020
  • Last Modified: 07/30/2020

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  • File Name: Final Fantasy VI (Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition 2-09-2).zip
  • Downloads: 16
  • Requirements: No-Header (SNES)
  • Version: 2.09.2
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About Final Fantasy VI - Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition

Don’t think this is gonna be a 100% Gold Remake, it’ll have its differences. Extra battles (some’ll be optionals, tough but rewarding), Hoenn Pokemon (in every area, and hard to find) New areas, Remapped some dungeons (so your old guides wont work) , Extra recurring characters (some’ll hate you, some’ll help you)

Note that the hack is incomplete but feel free to enjoy the hack as-is.

Final Fantasy VI - Ted Woolsey Uncensored EditionRead Me

??Final Fantasy VI : Woolsey Uncensored Edition v2.09.2 ------------------------------------------------- By Rodimus Primal, made using FF3usMe 6.70 (Lord J and all), Tile Layer Pro (Snowbro), FF3SE (Lord J), Lunar IPS, NSRT (Nach's SNES Rom Tools), YY-CHR, Windhex. Patches Used: -Original Final Fantasy VI Title Screen (Yazoo) -B Button Dash (Version B patch) (Master Zed) -Sliding Dash (SilentEnigma) -Kefka Final Battle Tiers Graphics (Dr Meat) -Restore Ability Names (angelo) -Extended item descriptions (Dr Meat) -Gogo Yellow Streak (assassin17) -Esper Battle Menu MP Fix (Lenophis) -Tritoch Graphical Fix (bydoless) -Auction Chocobo Fix (Madsiur) -Inconsistent Gungho (assassin17) -Gerard and Sabin (Leet Sketcher) -Sketch Glitch Bugfix (assassin17) -RMOVE to Remove (Gi Nattak) -Description Disruption (SilentEnigma) -Elemental Display (Lenophis) * -Border Crossing (Imzogelmo, Lenophis, Novalia Spirit) * -Homesick Gau (Djibriel) * -255 hours Display (Leviathan Mist) * -For What Ails Ya! (Imzogelmo, Lenophis, Novalia Spirit) * -Bad Decoration (Lenophis) * -I condemn thee to hell! (Lenophis) * -Suplex wrongfully splits damage fix (assassin17) * -Allo Ver (Death Warden) fix (using FFUSME) * -Step Mine (Traveler) missing digit fix (assassin17) * -Some MP changes don't update menus fix (assassin17) * -Pink Gogo bugfix (Imzogelmo) * -Reflect barrier shown on bodyguards fix (assassin17) * -Running Popsicle / Lead-footed Esper fix (assassin17) * -Mine Cart Fix (Imzogelmo) * -Deceptive Tapir (assassin17) * -Evade Bug Fix (Terii Senshi) * -Rippler Bug Fix (Terii Senshi) * -FC 05 Bugfix (Master ZED) * -Invisible Chests on Phantom Train fix (Shaded Magus) * -Frozen Terra Fix (Madsiur) * -Jump/Launcher and Jump/Super Ball fix (assassin17) * -Rage Restoration (Terii Senshi) * -Pincer+Row Bugfix (assassin17) * -Jump Megafix A (assassin17) * -Miscolored Command Names - Gear Based (assassin17) * -Recapture the Glory (assassin17) * -Bridge Correction (Mike Ferrell) * -Wrong Way, Idiot! (Mike Farrell) * -Banon Riding (Leet Sketcher) * -Backwards Jump (Leet Sketcher) * -Bird Bars (Leet Sketcher) * -Castle Party (Leet Sketcher) * -Chain of Command - Gear Based (Leet Sketcher) * -False Knight (Leet Sketcher) * -Imp's Rage (Leet Sketcher) * -Imp's Call (Leet Sketcher) * -Imp Skimp (Leet Sketcher) * -Item/Magic Counter (Leet Sketcher) * -Lens Cap (Leet Sketcher) * -Magitek Madness (Leet Sketcher) * -Morph Mayhem (Leet Sketcher) * -Phoenix Chest (Leet Sketcher) * -Ultimate Damage (Leet Sketcher) * -Unequipium (Leet Sketcher) * -Vanish/Runic (Leet Sketcher) * -Zombie/Tapir A (Leet Sketcher) * -Zombie/Rippler A (Leet Sketcher) * -Rewards Display (Hatzen08) *** -Blitz Screen (Leet Sketcher) *** -Y Equip Relics (Leet Sketcher) *** -Mini-Maps Upgrade (Madsiur) *** -Music Player (Madsiur) customized **** Introduction ------------ Back when Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy III US) was released the game was heavily toned down, censoring graphics and the like. When it was re-released for the Playstation, the graphics were uncensored but toned down script remained. Then came Final Fantasy VI Advance with a newer (though some consider drier) translation, but the color palette and music were altered for the handheld console. Others have made re-translations, such as the great work by RPGOne, Lina Darkstar, and Kwhazit. Now this is Final Fantasy VI: Ted Woolsey Uncensored Editon. The goal was to make the SNES version uncut and to clean up the script but keep the nuance used by Woolsey in the original game's release. Using the original Woolsey script as a basis to analyze, the entire game was looked through, line by line, using FFVI Advance, RPGOne, and Lina Darkstar to accomplish this. Recently, the game's script was also heavily analyzed by Kwhazit and Mato (Legends of Localization). With these newer and more heavily detailed looks into the game, the script was again updated to provide a much more accurate version while still remaining true to the original game's release. Various tools and patches were also used to uncensor the graphics, restore Character Class names, extend spell names, rename monsters and items, and make hopefully the version of Final Fantasy VI that everyone will play. Any bug fixes that were used were chosen not for any balance changes, but to fix persistant issues in the game, as to not change the experience of the original too much. Installation ------------ Use a clean, unheadered Final Fantasy III (v1.0) (U) ROM and whatever patching program you feel comfortable using to patch the ROM (I prefer Lunar IPS). I cannot tell you where to get a ROM. If you are using a previous version of the Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition, do NOT patch the new patch over your ROM as it may corrupt the game. Always use a CLEAN, unheadered ROM with the patch. These patches are complete patches. There is NO need to patch one on top of the other. Simply choose ONE and patch a clean unheadered ROM. -Patches included: -Final Fantasy VI (TWUE).ips - Base version with original Opera. Least amount of bug fixes. -Final Fantasy VI (TWUE) + Updated Opera.ips - Base version with modern Opera scene. -Final Fantasy VI (TWUE) + Bug Fixes.ips - A large number of bugfixes were added fix the worst bugs in the game while keeping in line with the what TWUE set out to do. -Final Fantasy VI (TWUE) + Bug Fixes & Updated Opera.ips - Same as bug fixes with new Opera -Final Fantasy VI (TWUE) + Bug Fixes & Add-Ons.ips - In addition to bugfixes, slight tweaks that were worthwhile were added that still do not take away from the original experience. -Final Fantasy VI (TWUE) + Bug Fixes, Updated Opera, & Add-Ons.ips - All bugfixes like before, the updated and newer Opera, and the worthwhile Add-Ons. * The Bug Fixes that were added to TWUE were added because they fix some of the worst bugs in the original game. The main reason for this is that some are game breaking (Sketch Bug), and others can remove things they aren't suppossed to (like Zombie/Tapir). Others include fixing graphical errors (Banon Riding, Reflect barrier, etc) and some restore content that should have been there in the first place (Rage restoration, Phantom Train chests, Elemental Display). Fixes that were not added were either because they remove exploits (like Vanish/Doom), they are too funny not to witness (Psycho Cyan) or they might have compatibility issues with other patches already included (see Compatibility document made by Chronosplit). For all of the details about each of the bug fixes, see the Bug Fixes Added Compendium document. It's recommended to use patches with bugfixes added, but the choice is yours. ** The Updated Opera has to do with the differences in translation for the actual Opera itself. Some may prefer the original Woolsey version (SNES, PSX) of the Opera, and some prefer the newer Slattery version (present in GBA/Mobile/Steam). The newer translation is better timed with the music ("you're the stars" vs. "you're the starlight") and is currently used in live performances by Square themselves. Once again, the choice is yours. Special Thanks to Spooniest and vivify93 for helping make sure it's synced properly. *** The Add-Ons patches already include the Bug Fixes, but also adds tweaks that bring an overall complete experience. These include the Blitz screen (which adds the names of the Blitz commands to the menu in addition to the button inputs), the Rewards Display (will tell you what you can win at the Colosseum before betting), Y Equip Relics (gives an added function to switch from equiping weapons and armor to equip Relics by pressing Y), and the Mini Maps Upgrade (which upgrades the mini map to show the mountain ranges as well). The choice to have this with or without the Updated Opera is once again yours. Changes made in the bug fixes patch are labled with a * in the patches used section. Also, an additional list has been compiled to offer compatibility with the numerous patches available for Final Fantasy VI and is included with the download. This was done to give users options on what they want added in addition to what is already fixed. For a comprehensive look into what bugfixes are included, as well as what they do, see the Bug Fixes Used Compendium document. ****Note about Music Player. There are four seperate patches included. They can be applied after patching with a TWUE patch. Config 1 removes Mono from the Config menu in place of the player. Config 2 uses a blank space in the Config Menu. Main Menu A modifies the main menu to utilize it, and is only compatible with the bug fix patches. Main Menu B is the older version of the patch and is not compatible with the bug fix patches due to the game clock being modified. Config 1 and 2 are not compatible with ZSNES but are with current and more accurate emulators, such as SNES9x, Higan/bsnes, and real hardware. Since there are a lot of choices to be made with all of the patches in this package, my recommendation is to simply use the TWUE+Bugfixes, Updated Opera, & Add-Ons. Then patch with the Music Player and it's optional fixes if you so desire (I prefer Config 2). It's completely up to you. Enjoy! Changes Made ------------ V2.09.2 -Fixed descriptions for Kaiser Claws and Minera Bust -Fixed grammar mistake from Ramuh in Zozo. V2.09.1 -Fix for meeting Shadow in Sabin's scenario if you did not name him in South Figaro. V2.09 -Fixed Blizzard Orb spell -Corrected the description for the Thamasa Soul V2.08a -Removed Description Disruption as it caused errors. -corrected Libra and Quake's descriptions so they do not overflow. V2.08 -Updated Chancellor's line during Figaro's submerging. -Fixed typo from Kefka at the Sealed Gate. -Changed B Button Dash from Version A to Version B. Sprint Shoes are now useful again. -Added Sliding Dash and Description Disruption (SilentEnigma) V2.07 -Battle background when fighting Mag Roaders is now fixed (thanks silentenigma at for finding the pointers) -Added RMOVE to REMOVE (Gi Nattak) and modified to remove the CAPS. V2.06 -Typos found and corrected (thanks to Spooniest, wakkoswami, and Dzumeister for your help) -Genji Glove updated to GenjiGloves to match description V2.05 -Numerous text and typo fixes -Organyx weapon is now Ogrenix -MidgardSormr and Seraphim corrected to Midgardsormr and Seraph -Warp Stone updated to TelportStone -Dead and Seizure status is now corrected to KO and Sap -Banish and Warp spells are corrected now as Warp and Teleport V2.04 -another round of text and typo fixes. (thanks to Dzumeister for help finding many of them) V2.03 -Fixed Magitek menu bug that allowed characters (with the exception of Terra) to choose the blank spaces resulting in the character to step forward with a blank attack and do nothing. V2.02 -Another MAJOR update to the script. Recently, Mato of Legends of Localization did a script analysis of Final Fantasy VI. Thanks to his efforts, in addition to Kwhazit's translation notes, TWUE was looked over for script errors and inaccuracies. Much thanks to BlazeHeatnix of RHDN for his massive help in bringing this update. With this update, it still remains true to the projects goals, but is now a better version than it was before! -Dispel's spell description and Environmental Science fixed. (thanks Merudo of ff6hacking) V2.01 -Updated Zombie/Rippler patch to fix a loop hole in the bug. -Fixes to typos (thanks to Twitch streamer StrawberrySalsa and vivify93 for pointing them out!) V2.00 -Major update. Numerous script fixes and updates. -Fixed event where an Actor walked through a WALL! (thanks to Gi Nattak for the fix!) -Updated Opera patches now have the full Opera updated. -Ensured that the Sketch bug fix was applied to all patches. -Removed older version of Gerard and Sabin and replaced with current one. -Added these to all bug fix patches: -Rage Restoration (Terii Senshi) -Pincer+Row Bugfix (assassin17) -Jump Megafix A (assassin17) -Miscolored Command Names - Gear Based (assassin17) -Recapture the Glory (assassin17) -Bridge Correction (Mike Ferrell) -Wrong Way, Idiot! (Mike Farrell) -Banon Riding (Leet Sketcher) -Backwards Jump (Leet Sketcher) -Bird Bars (Leet Sketcher) -Castle Party (Leet Sketcher) -Chain of Command - Gear Based (Leet Sketcher) -False Knight (Leet Sketcher) -Imp's Rage (Leet Sketcher) -Imp's Call (Leet Sketcher) -Imp Skimp (Leet Sketcher) -Item/Magic Counter (Leet Sketcher) -Lens Cap (Leet Sketcher) -Magitek Madness (Leet Sketcher) -Morph Mayhem (Leet Sketcher) -Phoenix Chest (Leet Sketcher) -Ultimate Damage (Leet Sketcher) -Unequipium (Leet Sketcher) -Vanish/Runic (Leet Sketcher) -Zombie/Tapir A (Leet Sketcher) -Zombie/Rippler A (Leet Sketcher) -Added these additions to the Add-Ons patches: -Mini-Maps Upgrade (Madsiur) -Y Equip Relics (Leet Sketcher) -Corrected naming with Music Player patches (Thanks again Madsiur) -Added monster and item name lists -Added Bugfixes Used Compendium document -Updated patch compatibility document V1.99 -Bashed head against wall because I thought I was out but they dragged me back in! (Seriously though, I felt there was no need for an incremental number increase since the following update was so large!) V1.98 -Issues with the Music Player and bugfix patches. New patches were made to remedy this, moving the song names to a different location V1.97 -Fixed the spacing issue with the letter "I" -Fixed some monster names -Various script fixes -Included optional bug fixes for Music Player V1.96 -Ironed out a few more script issues V1.95a -Strange garbled text issue fixed V1.95 -Script fixes V1.94 -Fixed bug with Gerard and Sabin patch V1.93 -Minor script fixes -Music Player is now distributed with 3 separate patches V1.92 -Removed Shadow's Status from bugfix versions (it caused a major locking bug) -Fixed Music Player playing music when exiting menu (thanks Madsiur) V1.91 -Many script fixes (thanks to Otaku-2 for pointing them out) -Bio Blaster glitch (in Vanilla versions) fixed (thanks GeminiSunfall) -Added Rewards Display to Add-Ons patches V1.90 -Fixed descriptions for Blitzes and Lores. -Fixed names for Dances. -New Add-On Patches that adds a Music Player, and Blitz Names in the Menu. V1.89 -Repair applied to bugfix versions for Frozen Terra Fix -Added to bugfix versions- Jump/Launcher and Jump/Super Ball fix V1.88 -Minor script fix (thanks Chronosplit) -Added these patches to all versions to restore content- Gerard and Sabin, Tritoch Graphical Fix, and Inconsistent Gungho -Added these patches to the bugfix versions- Shadow's Status and Frozen Terra Fix V1.87 -Fix to Hell Rider's battle scipt (thanks Chronosplit) v1.86 -Updated a line for better grammar -Added the Sketch bug fix to all versions since it is a game breaking bug v1.85 -Fixed error with Marvelous Shoes description -Minor script error fixes v1.8a -Updated Opera patches added. v1.8 -Extended item names (Dr Meat) -Invisible Chests on Phantom Train fix (Shaded Magus) * v1.7 -Fixed major text bug in the Floating Continent cutscene -Various spelling errors and corrections (thanks to Chrysologus pointing them out) v1.62 -MP Increments restored back to FF6j/FF6A values * - FC 05 Bugfix (Master ZED) * - sketch Glitch Bugfix (assassin17) v1.61 - * Evade Bug Fix (Terii Senshi) - * Rippler Bug Fix (Terii Senshi) v1.6 - * Bugfixes that make sense are added to fix a host of issues while still keeping true to the projects original vision. These include: * -Elemental Display (Lenophis) * -Border Crossing (Imzogelmo, Lenophis, Novalia Spirit) * -Homesick Gau (Djibriel) * -255 hours Display (Leviathan Mist) * -For What Ails Ya! (Lenophis) * -Bad Decoration (Lenophis) * -I condemn thee to hell! (Lenophis) * -Suplex wrongfully splits damage fix (assassin17) * -Allo Ver (Death Warden) fix (using FFUSME) * -Step Mine (Traveler) missing digit fix (assassin17) * -Some MP changes don't update menus fix (assassin17) * -Pink Gogo bugfix (Imzogelmo) * -Reflect barrier shown on bodyguards fix (assassin17) * -Running Popsicle / Lead-footed Esper fix (assassin17) * -Mine Cart Fix (Imzogelmo) * -Deceptive Tapir (assassin17) * -SrBehemoth Fix (Dragonsbrethren, used instructions instead of patch) - * Ramuh teaches Thundara +3, Ifrit teaches Drain +3 -Changed some item descriptions -Raiden gives Speed +2 v1.5 -Changed the Silence spell icon so that it no longer says MUTE. Thanks Gi Nattak for location. Thanks to Mattrizzle for constructive criticism. -Made some improvements in the script where needed. v1.4b -BUGFIX - Fixed softlocking issue in Cyan's dream caused by Kefka's battle tiers. (Thanks to Dr Meat again) v1.4a -Minor script fixes. v1.4 -Added original Final Battle Tiers graphics (BIG thanks to Dr Meat) -Added Esper Battle Menu MP fix thanks to Lenophis. -Minor script tweaks. v1.3 -Cleaned up minor script errors found by some players. -ROM no longer needs a header. You can now enjoy patching without searching for a program to add one. Use Lunar IPS to patch the ROM v1.2 -Spelling of certain spells correctly named- Hastega, Alluring Embrace, Earthen Wall, Tri-Disaster, Rebirth Flame, Judgment Bolt, and Divine Judgment -Quick edits in script v1.1 -Lakshimi(Starlet) sprite has been restored. -Added more item descriptions -Corrected script errors. -Corrected spell descriptions v1.0 -Original Final Fantasy VI Title Screen (as the game should be numbered) -B Button Dash (Sprint Shoes are the same speed) -Gogo Yellow Streak fixed (issue was a US related bug so it was worth a fix) -Monster Sprites are uncensored (with exception of final Kefka battle) -Siren's graphics are restored -Cafe is now restored to Pub -GP is now Gil -added Character class names for every playable character (Sabin is a Monk etc) -Spell, Esper, and ability names are expanded and named the GBA names (except Bum Rush) -Item names are updated to GBA names (Phoenix Down, Hi-Potion, etc) -Monster names are now GBA monster names -Script is updated and expanded in some places. Grammar corrected too. -All characters are no longer in CAPS. This includes in the script. -Font is the same but the extra pixel of clear space is now gone for spacing reasons. Credits & Thanks ---------------- All of the advice and help from the folks on and Lord J for making useful tools for FF3 hacking. angelo for his restore ability patch, which I further modified. assassin for his Gogo Yellow Streak. Yes, you're not the only one. Also his many bug fixes. Master ZED for the B button Dash. Madsiur for assisting me in learning how to hex edit, and implemented the Music Player. Pikachumanson for helping me beta test. Ted Woolsey for his original US translation done in only 30 days. Lina Darkstar for extremely helpful translation notes. Tom Slattery for the GBA version, which some lines were used to uncut the script. Sky Render and RPGone for their work on the original fan translation. Lenophis for the Esper Battle Menu MP. Oversight indeed. Dr Meat for figuring out how to edit the Kefka battle tiers completing the uncensoring! Chronosplit for his dedicated work in testing various patches, and help in so many ways! Leet Sketcher for his uncanny list of bug fixes and tweaks that made this even better than before! Chrysologus, vivify93, Digitsie, and Prrcyval, and many others for helping point out any spelling, overflow, or story errors. Square for making my personal favorite Final Fantasy, of which this is a labor of love. -Rodimus Primal ------- Disclaimer: By downloading this patch, you agree to release me from any and all damages that may occur to you, your property, or your immediate or extended family as a result of anything you do with the files contained therein. I will by no means be held accountable for anything that happens to you as a result of using these files. By downloading them, you agree that you will pursue no legal action against me for any reason pertaining to use of the content herein.

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